Gekochter Schnee/Cooked Snow

Experimental Video, 2010
Duration: 6:30

The video reflects the artist's personal experience with international identity, the confusion of language, the interaction between inner and outer environment, and the curiosity of self-discovering. Abstract and poetic imagery is generated in an instinctive way. The question is addressed, the answer is open. Comprehension is secondary to imagination.

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K3 International Short Film Festival, Villach, Austria 2011
Crosstalk Video Art Festival, Budapest, Hungary 2011
Athens Video Art Festival, Athens, Greece 2011
Stuttgart Filmwinter, Stuttgart, Germany 2011
Cologne International Video Art Festival 2010
Zero Film Festival 2010
No Time To Think-Open Exhibition, Shanghai, China, 2010
Kic Little World-Open Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China, 2010
Global Identity-New Generation Visual Artists' Film Screening,
Shanghai, China, 2010
Matrilineage Show, Spark Contemporary Art Space, Syracuse, USA, 2010
Video Now! Everson Art Museum, Syracuse, USA 2010
Spark Video, Spark Contemporary Art Space, Syracuse, USA 2010