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A 3-channel video installation ostensibly on the topic of long-distance relationships


DISTANCE BETWEEN is a 3-channel video installation ostensibly on the topic of long-distance relationships, as referred to romantic relationships between people who are separated by considerable distance. The interviews, filmed with 6 subjects, recount individual stories as confessions, beginning with the innocent excitement of growing intimacy through simple means of text messages and phone calls, to the complexity of Skype, examining the inherent properties of the medium.

The project begins by interviewing couples involved in long distance romantic relationships, focusing on particular traits and benefits of a mediated and technologically enabled exchange. Taking this source material, the artist mixes spontaneous interviews with reenactments by 6 subjects based on quotes taken from actual interviews. The material was then re-configured and re-contextualized by the artist. Using staged scenarios, designed stenography and cinematography, the piece encourages the viewer to re-examine their notions of the Documentary Interview and to ponder the boundary between fact and fiction. “Long-distance relationship” is used as a subject to explore notions of identity, home, love and trust. 

Final_Channel 1-1
Final_Channel 1
Final_Channel 2-1
Final_Channel 2-2
Final_Channel 2-3
Final_Channel 2-4
Final_Channel 2
Final_Channel 3
Final_Channel 3

DISTANCE BETWEEN: A 3-channel Video Installation, China Exchange UK, London, UK, 4-9 August

Arthub Asia Screening Program, 15.12.2015 — 14.01.2016

"There Is No Why – Xiaowen Zhu Solo Exhibition", The Arcade Gallery, San Pedro, USA, 09.2012 – 10.2012

"Welcome to Tomorrow", Dumbo Arts Center - New York, USA, 05.23-27.2012

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