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Oriental Silk: Private Screening

Filmmaker and artist Xiaowen Zhu screened her newest documentary, Oriental Silk for a private audience in London.


Oriental Silk held a private screening at China Exchange in the heart of London's Chinatown. Filmmaker and artist Xiaowen Zhu created a special installation to display the original hand-embroidered silk clothes from the Oriental Silk shop in Los Angeles.

Our audience said: "The film tells the story of a second generation Chinese immigrant, an owner of the first Chinese silk company in Los Angeles. As a bonus, I was lucky enough to see these amazing one-of-a-kind pieces first hand, you just don't see embroidery like this anymore!"

–Yinsay, fashion blogger and writer "One of the special things about the film is that it needs the viewer’s full attention. The film works the same way that the handcraft and atmosphere connected to the silk and the shop can be imagined. The movement of the film reflects the image of the place and the topic—call it silence or reflection—call it traditional, self-composed, calm, inward-looking... concentration." –Jos Diegel, artist and filmmaker

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