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Arthub Asia Presents Oriental Silk

Arthub previously collaborated with Zhu Xiaowen in 2015 for the Chinese premiere of Oriental Silk at Aurora Museum in Shanghai. Later that year, Zhu’s work was showcased on Arthub’s online Screening Program. The presentation of the three-channel video Distance Between, questioned notions of experimental documentary as a tool for traversing the boundaries of video art, documentary and all that lies between. In her 2012 work, the artist began to explore issues of estrangement, homeland and migration—themes further investigated in Oriental Silk. The documentary launches concurrently with Exhibition on the Table, an IRL production of the online program. The two-pronged project is an attempt to defy notions of artistic accessibility, thus ensuring that viewers are exposed to new media art in a variety of formats.

Read Zhu Xiaowen’s 2015 interview with Arthub’s Francesca Girelli here.

Installation views:

Arthub would like to thank Bloomsbury Gallery London, Dot Collection, Kenneth Wong, Gareth Evans, Huilin Jia, Jevgenija Kuznecova, Yinsey Wang, Kite Chuang, Weic Lin, Yana Marlow, and of course Zhu Xiaowen for their efforts, without which this project would not have been possible.

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