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UNFOLD: Art in the City of Tomorrow

2nd - 8th Oct. 2017 Church Street, London NW8 8EH

Oriental Silk will be presented at the upcoming group exhibition Unfold: Art in the City of Tomorrow.

"There is probably no city in the world built without the contributions of immigrants and we cannot curate a show about art in the modern city without including their stories. Xiaowen’s multimedia installation of a second generation immigrant running his father’s silk shop in Los Angeles tells a quiet tale of a disappearing world."

"Artists tell a million stories of the city.

Everywhere you turn there is Art: from public sculptures in surprising places to murals in underground stations, from the smallest artist-led show in someone’s garage to the grand heights of the contemporary art museum. Art offers us the opportunity to rest our minds: to delight our eyes, to engage our sense of touch, to discover something new. The fabric of the city embraces it all, but how often do we truly immerse ourselves in what surrounds us every day?

In curating UNFOLD, we have selected artists who inspire us, who we believe tell the stories that will inspire others too. Who will encourage you to immerse yourself in the art that is all around you."

– Kitty Dinshaw & Liezel Strauss, Subject Matter

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