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Oriental Silk Is Featured on The Brand Identity

London-based design practice CHEVAL have worked with publisher Hatje Cantz and artist Xiaowen Zhu on the design of Oriental Silk – a publication documenting the latter’s investigation into the 1970s eponymous Los Angeles’ silk merchant of the same name.

Concerning the material, the people and its place in American history as the country’s first silk purveyor, CHEVAL’s considerations for Oriental Silk were founded in the tactile and tangible. “We wanted the act of holding the book to be a really tactile experience,” Director Michael Mason explains, “so we designed the publication as a hardcover book – clothbound with a coarse linen fabric;” emblazoned with quiet embossing. Matching the heritage of its content, the book itself strives for a sense of nostalgia; particularly in the contextually vital consideration for the book’s own tactility.


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